Different Ways to Remember a Loved One

By: Joseph Greenidge
Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The loss of someone we love is among life's hardest experiences. There's much comfort to be gained from the memories we have of that person. So, keeping reminders around us is an excellent way to stay connected with the important place they occupy in our hearts.

Here are a few ways you can memorialize a loved one.

Dedicate a Park Bench

A very popular memorial tribute is to dedicate a bench in a serene and beautiful spot. Many communities have park bench memorial programs, with the proceeds going towards the maintenance of the grounds. With this option, every time you go to the park, you can sit on the bench and enjoy the surroundings as you recall the good times you spent with him or her.












Plant a Memorial Tree

A perfect way to remember a nature lover is to dedicate a tree in his or her memory. Here too, you can visit the tree as it grows, and you can sit under its shade to recall fond memories. An engraved dedication plaque can be added so that passersby know the story behind the tree.

Turn a Favorite Article of Clothing into a Keepsake

Was there a dress that had lots of meaning to her? Did he have a shirt he loved wearing? Or maybe they played on a team, and there's a sports jersey you'd like to remember them by. Pieces of clothing can be framed and kept in a special spot in your home.

Another way to use clothing is to have them turned into a cushion. The fabric from garments like favorite sweaters can be crafted into cushion covers that you can use to decorate your home.











Have Their Remains Turned into a Keepsake

Keeping remains in a decorative urn in your home is one way to keep the memory of someone alive and close. Remains can also be turned into pieces of jewelry, corals, or even into a diamond.

Donate or Volunteer in Memory of Your Loved One

Doing something good for others is good for the soul. Making a charitable gift or setting up a memorial fund that will help others in the name of the person who has passed is a beautiful way to honor their spirit of generosity. If a financial gift isn't possible, volunteering your time to a cause that they held dear would continue their good work. While these acts of generosity may not provide you with a tangible keepsake, the warm feeling that comes from doing good will forever be associated with the memory of the person you lost.


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